MUST HAVE GROCERY LIST and Rainbow Smoothies

Rainbow Smoothie!!!
Rainbow Smoothie!!!


Green Smoothie – lots of Kale and Spinach, 1 small green Apple, Coconut water 1/2 cup, 1 small orange, 1/4 of a banana. Blend it in a mixer until smooth.

Red Smoothie – Kale, Beets (if frozen about 1/2 cup chopped or not frozen but prepared in boiling water make sure it is skinned and use about 1/4 of the beet), strawberries, banana (I use about a fourth of a frozen banana add more to make smoothie sweeter for liking), cup of coconut water. Blend it in a blender until smooth.

Also add ice to your mixtures if you like your smoothie cold!

Must haves Grocery List (Always look for the USDA Organic and or NON GMO verified label. There are not any animal proteins on this list to keep it vegan for ones who want to do a very similar 30 day cleanse like I did in the beginning.  Feel free to add animal proteins if you need too. I will add a list of my own favorite brands and must have animal protein list later this week.)


Edamame (frozen) – great snack

Lightlife organic Tempeh (make sure has non-gmo label) produce section

Hemp protein powder (find in health food stores or online) Nutiva is a good brand

WestSoy unsweetened milk or Silk Almond milk unsweetened

Nut butters such as cashew and almond

Quinoa – boxed or in a bag

Tofu (make sure has non-gmo label) produce section

Garden Life Raw Protein Powder (original, chocolate, or vanilla great on the go breakfast or snack added to Soy or Almond Milk)

Lentils – canned or dried

Beans – Black beans (since getting soy protein from other above proteins), garbanzo, adzuki or aduki

Veggies and Fruit (fresh or frozen)

Sweet potatoes if you can find them the white sweet potatoes are the best



Blue berries





Organic girl super greens

Zucchini and yellow squash



Sugar Snap Peas (add these to stir fry or eat them by themselves)



Mushrooms portabella, shitake, regular whatever can be found

Herbs – mint, basil, parsley, oregano



Bananas (peel and freeze them too for smoothies)

Lemons or lemon juice and lime juice


Chai seeds

Sesame seeds (snack)

Condiments and extras

Flax meal

Almond meal or flour

Coconut sugar

Coconut milk (canned in the Asian Section)

Coconut oil (same here as below)

Shredded unsweetened coconut

Olive oil (get the good stuff organic cold press – usually in a darker glass bottle)

Raw honey

Pure maple syrup

Cacao powder – this and the next find at health food stores or online, Navitas brand is my favorite)

Cacao nibs


Nuts – cashews and almonds on hand always

Jarred garlic

Rolled oats (old fashion kind)

Package of mason jars for prep (wide mouth quart and 8 oz. are the best) – Walmart

Tamari (wheat and soy free soy sauce substitute)

Alcohol free vanilla extract

Sea salt

Vegetable broth

One comment

  1. Love this food list! It’s hard at first and you eat less because you get full faster. Your body is being feed whole foods!!!!lol. Not empty calories ( chemicals)!!!!
    Thanks for your website!


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