Why I try so hard to take care of my temple

DSC02283Today I wrote this to a friend:

For years since I was at least 14 years old. I remember having issues with digesting stuff… First at 14 years old doctors diagnosed me with ulcers, then at 17 years old Endometriosis. I would have what I call flare ups now. Bloating, throwing up, stomach cramping, acid reflux, these symptoms occurred for years and gradually got worse. Then at around 28 I woke up and I decided to go on a cleanse. I was living and working in Dallas and the hubby was 3 hours away where his business was, we had two homes. At this time for me becoming a vegan, dairy free, pure foods only, and no alcohol was going to be easy because I did not need to tend to his needs plus there was a very large Whole Foods down the street. I did the cleanse for three months. It was hard because I revolved my social life around of course food. But I did it. And guess what my symptoms went away. My stubborn self just did not see the whole picture though. I went back to my old eating habits. Fast forward two years later I take on a job back in our home town where the hubby was and my symptoms came back full force. I remember friends being worried because I would be fine and then all of sudden puking every five minutes.

Some friends thought I was even pregnant instead I got two more diagnoses; IBS and Fibroid tumors. And to make matters worse my doctors wanted me to have a hysterectomy and check my intestines because they thought I may have either Crohn’s disease or Celiac. I have never had surgery in my life so I was startled and confused because I thought of myself as healthy. I was running 36 miles a week at the time. I thought I was helping my cardiovascular system, I thought I was strong. What I did not understand is that our food is really messed up.

I thought I could eat whatever and be okay because I would just run it off. I was so wrong. So with the help of my sister who is a nurse and my grandmother who is a retired school teacher turned Health Guru and at 74 is a manager of a health food store (this women has more medical books then a doctor) they talked me out of all the surgeries. My grandmother said you need to do your research and handed me one of her medical books. That is where my research started. And I continued the research since I was a doctoral student I had access to a lot of online libraries around the world.  I found through all of the research one common factor was that our entire body basically feeds off of our gut. And when I say everything I mean everything this includes your endocrine system, nervous system, and everything else. If our gut is in chaos so is the rest of our body.  I had no idea! But it made perfect sense. When I ate that corn that had pesticides on it as well as grown by a seed that was genetically modified to deter bugs away from it, it sent poison throughout my body wreaking havoc on everything.  And boy was my intolerance to corn and wheat strong which made it harder because it is in everything! For years my body was trying to say enough, but I just did not know why.

So I threw everything away in my pantry and fridge. I bought all organic and I read labels. If I did not know what the ingredient was, I did not buy it. If it did not say NONGMO or USDA Organic I did not buy it. I limited my red meat consumption to nothing at first. I did not eat dairy either. Because through my research it was causing my estrogen to increase which in turn was feeding those fibroid tumors. My increased estrogen was also causing inflammation everywhere. I did not eat any sugar, even limited my fruits to just berries. Drank at least 80 ounces of water a day and had an occasional herbal tea. Also cut out caffeine, awe I remember the headaches in the beginning from my coffee and tea addiction. That is what I did for the first 60 days stuck to organic veggies, lots of greens, lots of cruciferous veggies, less starchy veggies (potatoes were off my list but sweet potatoes were good), berries, nuts, quinoa, tempeh, organic eggs, sprouted tofu, good chicken (antibiotic free/free range) and fresh fish (not farm raised). I took a whole lot of probiotics and about 10 other kinds of vitamins from reputable researched companies. I also did a lot of meditation usually a hot bath, or heating pad, after work or something just to calm my soul from a hard day. Heat has always been my friend for some reason (hence I live in the sunny state). I quit running all those miles it was too hard on my body. For me personally I do best with High Intensity Workouts for about 30 minutes four times a week along with a little walking, running, and paddle boarding throughout the week.  In the beginning I did hot yoga. I swear it was getting toxins out. My stomach would sweat so much during hot yoga it was crazy. Within that first month my symptoms went away. I will be honest in the beginning I was obsessed with this new information but at the same time I was in disbelief because I could not believe that so many things around us affect us not just what we put in our bodies but also detergents we use to wash clothing, dog shampoo, shaving cream, aspirin, toilet paper, and I could go on. All of these things had chemicals in it that can effect our estrogen levels, increase inflammation and cause havoc on our endocrine system. Today I have added some things back when it comes to food and I do go out and have my occasional apple cider beer or two with my dinner out with friends. I am human and I will eat a little to much cake or have one too many drinks and boy do I pay for it. However, I do believe the littlest changes can make a big difference. We just have to learn to listen to our bodies! I am symptom free. I have not been to the doctor for even a cold for the last year and a half. My immune system is really good. Last time I went to the doctor was almost 2 years ago. I went on a business trip and decided to eat junk came back with what I thought was a UTI and sure enough my great young good looking doctor said “uh what did you eat the last couple of days?” I said “really I have to tell you”. He said “yes”. I told him “uh cheesecake, chicken Alfredo, a coke, and half a donut”. He said “you need to go back on your diet pronto your intestines are probably inflamed and pushing on your bladder oh and you do not have a UTI”. Let’s just say I have not splurged like that since then and now I pack a cooler of pre-cut veggies,fruits, and snacks are always on hand.

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