Beef Liver!!! Give me!

I love me some liver! I have been craving this stuff! Finally when I traveled to Arkansas my wonderful mother had made a pan full of calf beef liver with onions and peppers for my very pregnant sister. Well she wouldn’t touched them so I ate on it the four days I was in town. Guess what it did for me. It cleared my acne! 

Yes, my skin within 24 hours was cleared. I believe it’s because of the B2 and Zinc that it contains. After doing some research I found those are two things that help rid acne. So I immediately came home and about three weeks later acne is back. So this morning I went for a search and found some. Yummy here is the recipe. 

Beef liver and onions:

Two – Four Thin slices of beef liver (calf is the best)

1/2 purple Onions chopped or sliced

1 of each Optional green and red bell peppers sliced thin

2tsp Garlic diced 

2 tsp of real cow ghee

Sea salt and pepper to taste

Optional two – four bacon slices

On medium heat melt ghee add onion, peppers and garlic (bacon slices too if using them). Let cook for about 4-6 minutes then add beef liver. Cook for about four more minutes then flip over and cook for about 5 more minutes. You may want to flip again and cook for another couple of minutes depends on how thick your slices are. Meat should be brown all the way through. 

Great with a side salad or spiralizer zucchini or squash sauté. 


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