Been awhile

It has been too long since I have posted! But I am going to do better the next couple of months, because I have some great recipes I have been working on. The last two weeks for me have not been good. I got way off track with my food intake and exercise and had some minor symptoms bloat here and there but then I would make a green shake or take probiotics and it would seize. I even remember Thursday being completely foggy brained, did some strange things like put a pan of food that needed to go in the oven into the freezer. I have also been lethargic haven’t wanted to go to the gym or do much of anything after work. Furthermore I was not prepping and cooking at home like I should have been. So after my Italian restaurant night out with the hubby on Friday my symptoms came crashing down. What stinks is that I ordered gluten free noodles too. I have a feeling they were not gluten free noodles or maybe some serious cross contamination.  Well by Saturday morning I knew I was in trouble. Yes all of the awful symptoms came crashing back. Bloating, diarrhea, joint aches (couldn’t even open up food jars or vitamin bottles), my knee issues have come back, head ache, constipation and severe stomach cramping. Yap Saturday at 3:00 a.m awaken by excruciating stomach pains. So all weekend I have been nursing myself back. I know my biggest issue is gluten/ wheat, caffeine, dairy, and bad sugar and dos I mention eating out. So it is detox mode for me. And I know it is so hard I have been so busy with work, taking a doctoral class, and I got to fly to LIttLe Rock to see my brand new nephew you can see his cute little face in the picture. So for anyone who is needing a recharge from eating bad stuff this is what my Saturday looked like:

1. Take it easy

2. Lots of water plus some more 

3. To help with stomach pain: Mint hot tea and aloe Vera juice (make sure it’s organic and Non GMO). I swear the aloe Vera juice helped me sleep through the night Saturday mix with warm spring water, lemon, and spoonful of manuka honey. This was drank through out the day and note tea was no caffeine. 

4. Lunch was green smoothie: kale, whole lemon wedges with skin and all (make sure organic and well washed like everything else), 1/4 of an apple (less sugar good or bad the better), whole cranberries about 10, pinapple core (I freeze fresh chopped pinapple the core is one of the most nutrient rich part of the pineapple), a little water and coconut juice (aloe would work too) then blend. You can add ice if you would like but cold stuff is actually harder on my stomach; room temperature to warm works better.

5. For dinner it was a bowl of organic grass fed plain yogurt with a spoonful of manuka honey. I have done my research on manuka those little bees have amazing healing properties. I know I have done damage to my small intestine which is why my symptoms are so severe so I use manuka honey help heel the intestine.

Today day two ate a little more…

Repeated all liquids that was mentioned above.

Breakfast was plain oatmeal with a fourth of banana.

Lunch was black bean spaghetti noodles with melted grass fed butter salt and pepper. Sautéed cabbage in grass fed butter a little pepper and sea salt only sauté for about 5 minutes (I wanted to make sure the good stuff was not cooked out of them)

Lastly dinner was a cup of plain yogurt and Manuka honey. Green smoothie. 

I am feeling way better then Saturday morning but I am not 100%. It will take another two or three days to get there.

Let me know if you have tips on how to recover after you have gone off track of your healthy habits!

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