10 Minute Clean Eating Dessert 

Oh how I love love dessert! Well when you cut sweets out of your life to get back in shape many would think that desserts are a no no! Oh but wait my desserts are still on fleek with being healthy and fit but not cheating. Key is to limit even your healthy treats even if they are still good for you. So every 3 to 4 days I treat myself to dessert! See the recipe below for one of my favs!
Nut Butter Chocolate Pie for One

Cream layer

1 cup of coconut cream (just the cream may have to put can of coconut milk in fridge for a couple of hours for the water to separate from the cream)

2 tablespoons of almond butter or cashew butter

1 1/2 tsp of honey 

Chocolate layer
Dark chocolate bar 90% – you will only need a square of this.

1/4 tsp of cacao 

1 tsp of hot water 

1 table spoon of cashew milk

1 tsp of honey


Put all cream layer ingredients in a small bowl and mix together with a fork until throughly mixed. Set the bowl and cream layer in freezer.

Now get a small glass bowl or jar. I used the little mason jar. Place all chocolate layer ingredients in jar except for honey. Mix a little with fork then place in microwave for 30 seconds. Take jar out of microwave and mix until smooth then add honey. After mixed well place in freezer to cool down for 5 minutes. 

Take both layers out of freezer pour chocolate layer over cream layer. Now eat and savor every bite! 



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