Beach time and swimsuits are around the corner

Ahhh finally spring is near! I don’t know about you all but winter for me is depressing! Days get dark sooner, it’s freezing, and my beach time is slim because I can’t stand it below 50 (I know I’m spoiled but shoot that’s why I moved to Florida)! Well with days getting longer here on the Emerald Coast it’s time I start getting back in the grove for swimsuit season! I really let myself have November (Thanksgiving) through January to splurge way more. I tend to do more traveling these months visiting families, indulging in holiday feasts and parties plus it’s cold and I can cover up a few extra pounds under sweaters! But now I have been back out it for 18 days straight and man is it hard to drop all of the bad habits. It reminds me that a little indulging is also hard to break and maybe I need to strive for less the next cold season. So I have cut everything gluten, processed food, all sugar, even what kinds of fruits, and coffee (might be harder then sugar)! It’s been rough but I’m on my way to a more tone me! Stay tuned for some of my daily menus during my 45 day detox! 


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