About Me

toes in the sand

There has been something spiritually that has been working inside of me and it continues to change my outlook on life and balance. The transformation started about five years ago. I remember the very beginning when I first started to run for fun and to be more healthy. A friend of mine wanted to do a 5k and she said we should do it together. So we started training for it. I really hated the actual competition aspect of the whole race thing and some of the big races the mounds of people really tripped me up. What I did love about running is that when I hit that road or pavement it was exhilarating especially when I ran by myself. I found myself being so appreciative of just the very gift of my legs, lungs, eyes, the nature around me. It was a spiritual engagement and even a time for meditation  for me not a competition with others. So I took up running, this was the first step into my transformation. The second was when I had some medical issues a year after I took up running. I began a quest to eat clean and did so for 6 months which was the longest stretch I had done in my life. I felt great! During this time I did a lot of research and found that our stomachs are the central part of our health if we don’t have a clean gut the rest of us won’t be either. I cut out a lot of addicting foods with this quest such as sugar, caffeine, sodas, dairy, wheat, and my occasional wine or apple beer. I honestly think at this point not only did my body become clear but my mind did too. I was looking at life in a different way. Then I decide to sell everything and move to the Emerald Coast after losing several people in my life. I come to the realization that time is sweet and we must follow our dreams. We don’t have any idea how long we have on this planet so we have to really make the best of it. If moving to beach seems like a peaceful place to plant some roots and has been a long life dream of mine since I was a child. Then do it. If meditation, eating clean and exercise makes me feel good and have more energy, then I must balance my time and find ways to add it to my schedule. After a year living on the Emerald Coast I feel so blessed that everything has worked out for us here and of course what I call my place of zen; toes in the sand and swimsuits everyday!

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